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 Application CnJallday

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PostSubject: Application CnJallday   Application CnJallday EmptyWed Aug 29, 2012 1:30 pm

Hey guys whats up,

Just wanted to leave my application here cause' Épac told me to do so^^.

I am from Germany and 21 years old.

Played WoW Arena on 2,2 rating semi-competitively and Snowbound Online competitively winning some weekly cups and placing top 6 on the WCG-buffed-cup.

My style as a pvp player is rather a support-defensive class, so i decided to play mesmer in GW 2.
Currently i am running a support build with okayish burst and good conditions. The build is designed to help winning teamfights or defend points until help arrives.

Well I hope u guys are good players who try not just to figure out their classes but also trying to figure out the weakness of every comp we might meet at a tourney. I try to think a lot of how my build can work better and where to improve and I expect the same of my teammates :-).

SO far
best regards Cnj

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PostSubject: Application CnJallday RE:   Application CnJallday EmptyWed Aug 29, 2012 2:01 pm

Thanks for application.

We are looking for players like you. Good to know that u are not beginner in PVP.
There will be a place for you in Macestun.

I will send you teamspeak adress and password in message, so u can join us today.

cya ingame
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Application CnJallday
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