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 Application ElBandido

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PostSubject: Application ElBandido   Application ElBandido EmptySun Sep 16, 2012 5:53 pm

1. How old are you and where are you from?
Hello my name is Henrik and I'm 27 years old and from Denmark

2. Previous MMO PvP experience?
I have played MMO's since 2002 and I've played alot of different MMO's in the passing 10 years.

- A few of my largest achievements has been to reach Grand Warlord in Vanilla WoW back when it was hard to get the title. I spent 3 months (Summer of 2005) leading 30 warsong gulch games a day, that's approximately 2700 games with 99% win rate. This was purely achieved through strategy as we started out with green geared people.

- Another achievement was in Age of Conan where I did lots of world PvP, I ended up with 10000 killing blows with 1000 deaths. This is not the same as killing 10 times as many foes because I wasn't guaranteed the killing blow. Some of the credit for this is given that alot of the enemies were useless when fighting and my class were OP, but it still shows as an example of my enjoyment in PvP. To be noted I also did naked PvP, just to keep challenging myself more and more and for the fun of course Wink

I do have more achievements but I'll stop here and just say that I have been in alot of hardcore PvP guilds in other MMO's like DAoC, WAR, TSW, SWTOR, Aion, RIFT, GW and many more.

3. Describe yourself as a PvP player.
Usually I play either an offensive tank or a glass cannon, it differs from game to game depending on what the game has to offer. However in GW2 I'm currently playing a guardian which I play offensively through greatsword/Buffing/Retaliation spec, but I regret the choice a little when it comes to WvW since being a ranged class in keep defense is very fun.
For tournaments I might also go full defense/buffing to hold positions, it all comes down to what the team needs.

4. Why do you want to join us?
First of all I wan't to have an organized PvP guild which are dedicated to know their classes strengths and weaknesses, and to have a combination of classes which works together along with a strategy. Especially in this game where you cannot outgear your opponent, getting specs and strategies down is a must to be successful. Last but not least, then I'm here to have fun and you guys sound like you also like to joke around a little.

5. Your questions/ideas?
Currently I haven't considered any ideas for improvement, and any question that may arrise I suspect could be answered by a person during the trial period/runs, I assume there is one if you only want to have quality players. Smile

If you want to talk you can whisper to "Eisenhart.8293" in the game.
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PostSubject: Re: Application ElBandido   Application ElBandido EmptyThu Sep 20, 2012 2:51 am

Hi there , sorry it took so long , but we arent using this web anymore.
Anyhow , im sorry to tell we arent recruiting atm.
And even if we are , u dont look like someone we are looking for.
But honestly thanks for your apply , i can see u put a lot of efford into it.
glhf in the game.
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Application ElBandido
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