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 Application Gazzaofc

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PostSubject: Application Gazzaofc   Application Gazzaofc EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 10:02 pm

1. How old are you and where are you from?
I'm 17 from the UK. I'm a very active player and a fast learner.

2. Previous MMO PvP experience?(Tell us about your pvp
backround/history , for example your best accomplishment
at any game , you can also tell us with who have you played

World of Warcraft: 2k on 2 Classes, 2.2k on 2 Classes, 2.3k On 1 Class. During my time playing WoW I've played with many high rated and respected players such as Bludz the multi R1 mage from Gamesense who is apart of Team Paradigm in GW2, Riodie from AtheneLIVE, and also Doomsen.

Rift: Rank 8 Rogue,

Other Games:
CSS - Played Semi Professionally and had a shot at Professional game play playing with a few Intel players, and also for Aurora.eSports.

LOL: Fair bit of playing exp as an AD Carry.
SC2: Platinum league my first season.

3. Describe yourself as a PvP player.
(Your likes , mostly played class , combo , etc.)
So far Guardian is my most played profession. I like the play style and being able to make and break team fights with my mass control, mass boons for my team and insane healing and survivability.

4. Why do you want to join us?
(What do you want to achieve in this game etc.)
I want to thrive in the eSports scene of GW2, become apart of a serious team that aims to progress as much and as far as possible working as a team and meeting good friends and having fun along the way.

- - -

5. Your questions/ideas?
Playing times?
I Stream, so if i joined you would i be able to stream the game and promote it through the website etc?

That's all from me, Thanks for reading! Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Application Gazzaofc   Application Gazzaofc EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 10:30 pm

Hi there , Im gonna accept you as a trial.
Tournaments are usually played in the evenings like 19:00+ CET.i think thats 18:00 in UK correct me if im wrong.
We may have new website soon so we can manage that "stream thing" at that time.
Accepted ,
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Application Gazzaofc
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