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 Information about us

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PostSubject: Information about us   Thu Jul 26, 2012 8:03 am


NEW WEBSITE [Only admins are allowed to see this link]


Macestun is a new harcore PvP Guild located on server Desolation EU, focusing on organised competitive PvP, tournament play and other PvP activicities. We are looking for experienced team/solo MMO PvP'ers.

We are using Raidcall for communication, so you´ll need to have it , if you wish to play with us.

What are we looking for:

-Quality > Quantity Exclamation
-Highly responsive players
-PVP Experienced and skilled
-Team and solo capable
-Want to learn and master your class
-fluent english
-Sense of humor
-Decent history in competitive games

We are NOT looking for players that are:

-whining kids/etc. Evil or Very Mad


We plan to become the dominating (not the biggest) PvP guild on our server. We plan on getting deep into tournament play and focusing on structured PvP.
-So if you like some serious PvP with skilled people and you think you fulfil the conditions just put your application here.

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Information about us
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