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 Application Hellfang

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PostSubject: Application Hellfang   Application Hellfang EmptySun Sep 02, 2012 2:46 pm

1. How old are you and where are you from?

I'm 21 years old (22 soon), I'm from France and I study International Trade. So I speak english or spanish very often.
In Guild Wars 2, I didn't want to go in a french server because most of them are cocky and kids (but that's my opinion anyway ^^).

2. Previous MMO PvP experience?(Tell us about your pvp backround/history , for example your best accomplishment at any game , you can also tell us with who have you played previously).

1- Guild Wars -
Played first as Ranger, then Warrior and finally Assassin. I did some arenas, GvG and Heroes Ascent but at the time I wanted to play some PvE first to understand the mechanics of the game. When I wanted to find people to play with in PvP most of them wanted me to get ranks and other things I couldn't reach on my own easily (If I started to PvP earlier, no doubt it would have been easier for me to find teams).
So I just ended up playing other PvP games (not only MMOs) while playing Guild Wars random arenas for fun.

2- WoW -

I always played as a rogue, and I must say, it was very fun. Learning how do to great combos to surprise the ennemy was really interesting in PvP. I started playing during BC. At the time the game was really amazing and fun. I did some arenas, but didn't find a cool partner... Until I found a druid who was also a very good friend. We ended up duelist during the season 3. After that season he left WoW and I just played mostly BGs for fun. Sometimes random arenas, but I wasn't serious as in season 3. After WOTLK, the game became boring and I eventually left the game.

3- Age of Conan -
This game was good, but not so popular. Even tho I had fun with it. I played as Barbarian and Assassin. The PvP was all about how you manage your CCs and counter other classes CCs.

4- Aion -

I started as Assassin, did some PvP but at the time the game was really buggy. So I left the game, because I felt that many important things were lacking (bad textures on environment, bad stability of servers etc.).

3. Describe yourself as a PvP player (Your likes , mostly played class , combo , etc.).

In all games, I always tend to play a melee class. Usually Assassins/Thieves, but I wasn't keen on the thief's playstyle. So I chose the Warrior in Guild Wars 2.
I play PvP for fun, but I'm always up to a challenge and can play seriously.
I tried the burst spec Greatsword+Axe/shield and it was fine, but I wasn't seduced by the playstyle.
So I ended with a condition build with longbow+Sword/Shield, and I'm doing good since then. Still, like many of us I have things to learn because I can't say I truly master my class.
I started doing some PvE and stopped till the lvl 35. Now I want to focus more on PvP. My glory level is low at the moment (only 7), but I want to find people to play with and having fun while kicking some ass.

4. Why do you want to join us? (What do you want to achieve in this game etc.)

After WoW: the BC, I was what you can call a lonely wolf, and I never looked out for a team.
But I want to change that in Guild Wars 2, and find a team who wants to play and enjoy PvP as much as I do.
I can play seriously but I don't want to feel that I'm playing this game like it's another job whereas I'm just looking for good times.

5. Your questions/Ideas?

Do you have any schedule for your players ?

On a side note, I will buy a mike next week. My mike died during this summer lol.

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PostSubject: Re: Application Hellfang   Application Hellfang EmptySun Sep 02, 2012 4:20 pm

Hi there Hellfang , thanks for your application.Im glad you took your time to put really nice appli , however we are looking for something else in here.I wish you gl in the game also with finding another guild. Epac.
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Application Hellfang
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